Satellite Art Show | 2016

Satellite Art Show | 2016

Please join Hamiltonian Gallery at Satellite Art Show from December 1 - 4, 2016.

Hamiltonian Gallery is pleased to present four perception-altering artists, whose works imaginatively broaden our notions of the past, present and future: 

Joshua Haycraft
Rives Wiley
Alejandro Pintado
Ella Barclay

Los Angeles-based artist Joshua Haycraft's talismanic "Alchemy Appliances" hail from the future as imagined through the alternative reality of "BHBITB". The "Alchemy Appliances" reference objects of devotion, religious icons and personal use devices that promise fortune, regeneration and self-improvement.  

DC-based artist Rives Wiley tricks the eye through her site-specific installation "DIY Laser Eye Surgery". In a handmade homage to the visual tropes of advertising and You-Tube videos, Wiley's life-sized diorama gives viewers a do-it-yourself tutorial on how to see anew.

In his newest paintings, Mexico City-based artist Alejandro Pintado immerses viewers into the hermetic private collections of the 19th century's great thinkers. Within the dusty confines of the studies and libraries of Humboldt, Sir John Soane and Darwin, Pintado places shimmering incandescent geometric forms that break the two-dimensional picture plane and hover in space.

Australian artist Ella Barclay's performance piece "The Woozy Jacuzzi" invites participants to imbibe a psychedelic elixir that is guaranteed to induce good vibes. "The Woozy Jacuzzi" will be performed twice during the course of the fair: once on Thursday, December 1 at 8 pm and again on Saturday, December 3 at 8 pm.



Satellite Art Show at The Parisian Hotel(3rd floor, Room #32)
1510 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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December 1-4, 2016

General Admission:
Thursday, December 1    
3 pm - 10 pm 

Friday, December 2        
12 pm - 10 pm

Saturday, December 3    
12 pm - 10 pm

Sunday, December 4      
12 pm - 6 pm 

Press Preview:
Thursday, December 1   
12 pm - 3 pm

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