Aqua Miami | 2014

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Washington, DC-based Hamiltonian Gallery is pleased to present a booth with work by artists Joshua Haycraft, Annette Isham + Zac Willis, Sarah Knobel and Ryan Hoover and in room 225 at Aqua Art Miami 2014. The dynamic artworks include sculpture, installation and video.

Joshua Haycraft reintroduces spectators to the imagined future of BHBITB, a fantasy society complete with its own government and religion. Utilizing sculpture, video, and even the construction of a pseudo pharmacy, the artist continues his investigation of the preoccupations, desires, and fears of a culture through its material products.

Annette Isham’s series of light boxes depict landscapes that appear familiar but are seemingly otherworldly. By juxtaposing authentic elements with those of the sublime and fantastic, the work evokes a sentiment of delicate splendor.

As a collaborative duo, Annette Isham and Zac Willis will transform a sector of Room 225 into a shrine pop music icons including Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Through a series of embellished devotional images of the Prince of Pop and the King of Rock and Roll, the artists set the stage for quasi-religious contemplation of iconography in the modern era. 

Sarah Knobel’s video installation encourages audiences to question the way in which they identify representations of the natural and the artificial, the beautiful and the repulsive. Through the use of decaying organic matter to present an unexpectedly ethereal visual, the artist illustrates the metamorphosis of an everyday object and immerses viewers in a truly mysterious landscape.

Ryan Hoover explores the intersection of science, technology and art through 3D printed objects that simulate nature. An extension of his work in 3D printed biological materials; Hoover's tree-like drawings are given their physical form using a written algorithm that mimics natural growth patterns. This complex series of mimicry opens up a dialogue about collapsing and compounding simulations. 

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