January 2011

Katherine Mann + Selin Bali | Bound

Hamiltonian Gallery is pleased to present Bound, an exhibition of new works by Hamiltonian Fellows Katherine Mann and Selin Balci. Whether in Balci’s laboratory approach or Mann’s painterly exploration, both artists create vivid abstractions, ripe with notions of growth, wonder and subjugation.  Within the context of aestheticism, both examine the limits of their medium, as well as notions of humanity within an expanded ecologic understanding of the living world.

Katherine Mann’s oversized, abstract works on paper consist of accumulations of sequins, paint and ink, which illustrate the potentiality of growth, as well as the peril of overabundance.  Mann creates carefully composed fields with articulated moments that are at once chaotic, organized, thriving and decaying.  Mann explains: “I think of my work as baroque abstract: a celebration of the abundance of connections and clashes that can be found in the disparate mess of matter in the world.” Mann elegantly builds her paintings with hoards of ambiguous forms recalling elements found in systems of nature as in the highly decorative, resulting in a menagerie of depth and color.

By utilizing traditional lab procedures, Selin Balci creates microenvironments by incorporating biological material as a new art media to explore the literal process of life. From sterile beginnings the growth of microbes demonstrate a turbulent arc of life within a largely imperceptible world.  Balci’s simple living organisms live and die within a network of biological exchanges highlighting a wide range of behaviors similar to the human equivalent of social exchanges.


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January 22 - March 5, 2011

Opening Reception:
Saturday, January 22

Hamiltonian Artists:
Katherine Mann
Selin Bali