April 2011

Call + Response | Textures

Call + Response, the art exhibition that pairs writers and artists, is returning to Hamiltonian Gallery for a second installment opening April 16, 2011. For this new show, named Call + Response: Textures, four writers and four visual artists have paired to create artworks that resonate with each other. 

Call + Response: Textures builds again on the theme of "call and response," a succession of two distinct phrases played by different musicians in which the second phrase comments on or responds to the first. In each pairing, the writer provides the "call" in the form of a new, intense piece of short fiction or poetry. The visual artist creates the "response" by creating an installation in the gallery. The result is paired works that resonate with each other, building a bridge between two distinct but fertile communities. Displayed together, the works benefit from their proximity and invite the viewer to observe and appreciate connections or disjunctions. 

The pairings (writer + artist): 

1. Stuart Dybek + TM Sisters

2. Naomi Ayala + Amanda Burnham

3. Reese Okyong Kwon + Maggie Michael

4. Srikanth Reddy + Jon Bobby Benjamin

Building on the success of last year's Call + Response, curators William John Bert and Kira Wisniewski have partnered again with Hamiltonian Gallery. They increased the palette size, giving writers a longer word count and inviting the artists to create large installations. "We are delighted to be working with Hamiltonian Gallery again and especially with this extremely talented roster of individuals," says Wisniewski. 

"The first show created so many lasting connections for the participants that we knew we had to do this again," says Bert. "Because we brought in a whole new set of writers and artists and gave them each more space in which to create, I can't wait to see how the results turn out." 

"Writers and visual artists draw inspiration for their works from the same things and implement similar artistic processes. The connection between the two art forms is innate and we are thrilled to be able to provide a platform for collaboration," says Hamiltonian Gallery Director Jacqueline Ionita.


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Opening Reception:
Saturday, April 16

Hamiltonian Artists:
Jon Bobby Benjamin