February 2014

Milana Braslavsky| No Other
Lisa Dillin | Allogrooming Lounge

Artists Milana Braslavsky and Lisa Dillin share the intimacies of quotidian objects and grooming rituals at Hamiltonian Gallery from Saturday February 22 – March 29, 2014 with an opening reception on Saturday, February 22 from 7-9 pm. 

In No Other, Milana Braslavsky creates a portrait of a cherished subject through photographs of objects used in their daily life. China and knickknacks are veiled, creating delicate sculptural forms: the curvilinear shape of a vase is amended by a silk blouse or is swaddled in folds of fabric. In a minimal palette of off-whites, greys and blacks, Braslavsky’s delicately examined objects are sensitive vanitas images that allude to the transient nature of objects and the lasting nature of memory.

Lisa Dillin, meanwhile, offers willing participants a chance primp publicly in Allogrooming Lounge, an architecturally defined social space where hair grooming services will be provided. “Allogrooming”, a term used to describe the social grooming practices of primates, is used to reinforce and strengthen community bonds. Based loosely on the architecture of mall courtyards and apehouses, Dillin’s Allogrooming Lounge provides a venue in which the touch-based benefits of grooming will be provided by six hairstylists to willing participants in an effort to provide a time and a space to connect with one another.

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February 22 – March 29, 2014  

Opening Reception:
Saturday, February 22
7-9 pm

Artist Talk:
Thursday March 13
7 pm

Hamiltonian Artists:
Milana Braslavsky
Lisa Dillin