April 2014

Joshua Haycraft | 20XX Future Guaranteed
Ryan Hoover | ambi-mimetics

In 20XX Future Guaranteed and ambi-mimetics, artists Joshua Haycraft and Ryan Hoover ask viewers to imagine a future not unlike the present: a future replete with wonder and terrible possibility, a future in which biological materials are 3D printed and consumer products promise paths to spiritual redemption.

 Joshua Haycraft imagines the future through BHBITB, a virtual culture seven years in the making with a unique history, religion, and government system that is given form through animated video and sculpture. In 20XX Future Guaranteed Haycraft maps out the lifestyle of BHBITB through an Ikea-like showroom featuring the furnishings and material trappings of the average denizen. Outfitted with interactive entertainment, food products, and a space dedicated to spiritual reflection, Haycraft details the preoccupations, desires, and fears of a culture through its material products; a foreign futuristic culture that is eerily reminiscent of our own.  

 In ambi-mimetics, Ryan Hoover explores the intersection of science, technology and art through 3D printed objects that simulate nature. An extension of his work in 3D printed biological materials, Hoover's tree-like sculptures and drawings are given their physical form using a written algorithm that mimics natural growth patterns. This complex series of mimicry opens up a dialogue about collapsing and compounding simulations. Hoover writes, "As the limits to what we can make and manipulate fall away like calving glaciers, our ethical responsibilities and our need to imagine the future become even more profound." 

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April 5 - May 10, 2014 

Opening Reception:
Saturday, April 5
7-9 pm

Artist Talk:
Tuesday, April 22
7 pm

Hamiltonian Artists:
Joshua Haycraft
Ryan Hoover