May 2014

Sarah Knobel + Amy Boone-McCreesh | Anything Sacred

Artists Sarah Knobel and Amy Boone-McCreesh invite visitors to enter their tumultuous, colorful and delightfully contradictory worlds in Anything Sacred at Hamiltonian Gallery from Saturday, May 17 – June 21, 2014 with an opening reception on Saturday, May 17 from 7 -9 pm. 

In Sarah Knobel’s newest body of photographic and video work Icescapes and Cycles, garish dollar-store purchases and contemporary detritus become mysterious and mesmerizing “faux-organic” landscapes. Suspending the synthetic flotsam of consumer culture in ice and water, Knobel’s photographs and videos capture the objects in states of flux, manipulating the visual read of the objects from beautiful to grotesque, familiar to foreign and miniscule to monumental. These self-contained universes become Knobel’s tongue-in-cheek commentary on the contradictory nature of the art object and the tensions between the natural and constructed world.

Amy Boone-McCreesh, meanwhile, continues her exploration of her celebratory aesthetic, creating an immersive installation with a preponderance of 2D and 3D visual media. Boone-McCreesh’s installation, which will cover the walls and floors, is filled with patterns culled and re-mixed from her already extant body of work: previously created drawings, paintings and collages are scanned, cut, re-pasted and combined. The result will be temple to visual excess: a colorful, maximal experience that immerses visitors fully in Boone-McCreesh’s visual lexicon through painting, sculpture and drawing.


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May 17 – June 21, 2014  

Opening Reception:
Saturday, May 17
7-9 pm

Hamiltonian Artists:
Sarah Knobel
Amy Boone-McCreesh