June 2015

Lisa Dillin | I’m looking for you...

Allison Spence | More human than I am, alone

Hamiltonian is pleased to present two new exhibitions by artists Lisa Dillin and Allison Spence. The exhibitions will run from June 27 - August 1 with an opening reception on Saturday, June 27 from 7-9 pm.

In I'm looking for you... Lisa Dillin explores the architectural legacy of the modern built environment and its disconnect with nature as it affects our ability to form relationships and communities. Utilizing visuals commonly associated with malls, lobbies, and hospitals, Dillin aims to expose homogenous design as a means to isolate individuals even as they continue to live in close proximity. By referencing the contemporary urban landscape with its corporate design tropes, I'm looking for you... reveals how lighting, fountains, polished stone, and foliage lull denizens with an artificially serene environment while stripping them of their innate diversity, heritage, connection to the land and to one another. Although these environments were once thought to create the "third space" of social interaction and community, in Dillin's perspective, these spaces dominate and control the individual resulting in feelings of solitude and disengagement in our everyday experience of the world. Through the objects on view, Dillin tells a story of a collective longing for connection: the consequence of modern convenience.

In More Human than I am, alone, a line from David Cronenberg's film, The Fly, Allison Spence translates her interest in corporeal confusion and the abject directly into the material. Spence's paintings suggest violence, the macabre, and the bodily experience as viewed through the polished veneer of digital media, where bodies become data only; masses melting together or merging with the landscape, and incorporating pieces of others into themselves. In her newest body of work, Spence fuses her interests in language, horror comics, science fiction imagery and low-resolution nature specials into crushed canvases and paintings of unintelligible masses that are at once threatening and visually compelling.

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June 27 – August 1, 2015

Opening Reception:
Saturday, June 27
7-9 pm

Artist Talk:
Tuesday, July 7
7 pm

Hamiltonian Artists:
Lisa Dillin
Allison Spence

photos by Naoko Wowsugi (Allison) + Nicole Dowd (Lisa)