June 2012

Fellows Converge | The Obstructions.

Each Spring, Hamiltonian Gallery culminates its year of exhibitions by selecting an established artist to curate a group show that will include all of the Hamiltonian Fellows.  This year, we were thrilled to have Tim Doud, painter and Co-Director of the MFA program at American University, who guided the Fellows to conceive of an exhibition that to thrust new ideas into their studio practices.

Hamiltonian Gallery is proud to present, Fellows Converge:  The Obstructions.


As written by Tim Doud:

The 2012 Hamiltonian Fellows conceived the exhibition, “The Fellows Converge: The Obstructions,” after a round of group studio visits made to each other’s studios this summer.  (So move out of your seat…).

The theme of the show emerged from the Fellows’ post-visit conversations. The Fellows agreed, following the studio visits, that a thematic exhibition, which dictated a homogenized, shared content or subject was of no interest and presented no artistic challenge.  Instead they decided to challenge each artist by devising material requirements relevant to that artist’s work. Based on the Jorgen Leth / Lars Von Trier documentary, “The Five Obstructions,” the Fellows made unique obstructions for one another based on their artistic practices. 

The obstructions operate as useful critiques of existing work and challenge future work.  Eight fellows, eight obstructions: It was agreed that each Fellow would choose three obstructions from a menu of eight, devised by the collective group. (My anaconda don’t want none…).

This playful yet meaningful exercise offered fellows the opportunity to delve into each other’s practices, since a meaningful obstruction had to be considered in light of the artist’s typical practice.  This process offered each artist the opportunity to step outside of self-imposed rules, habits or routines.  As the mentor of the group I am excited about the project, as I found the obstructions enormously insightful, challenging and amusing.  I admire the fellows for taking the opportunity to challenge each other, and themselves, in the context of the “Fellows Converge” exhibition. For the record, I received some obstructions as well. I chose one. (What a man what a man what a mighty good man...).

Tim Doud

June 2012


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