November 2018

Hamiltonian Gallery is pleased to present “Inspiration into Action” curated by Chelsea Ragan & Adam Void of School of the Alternative (SOTA), a group show comprised of artists in the current Hamilton Fellow cohort and SOTA alumni.

Inspiration finds us in the strangest of places: something magical happens, and it is at that moment that action occurs. “Inspiration into Action” ignites the spark between the things that fuel dreams and the action of doing. The exhibition will feature work by artists who traveled to Black Mountain, NC to participate in The School of the Alternative, the immersive educational experiment. Reflecting on this shared experience, each artist was asked “What is one thing you have always wanted to do, but haven’t?”

The work in “Inspiration into Action” is the artist’s response to this eternal question, challenging them to actualize their soul’s desires. Within the gallery is a “dreamspace” that will act as a portal for converting inspirations into action, containting video pieces from seven School of the Alternative alumni, and doubling as a performance space. The time-based work tells stories of release; of the spirit from the body, of the self from the past, of dreams from reality, and of potential from impossibility. “Inspiration into Action” is rooted in future potentials, the imperfect past, and a drive for change.

Featuring performances by Heather Clark, Rachel Guardiola, Patrick Harkin, and Kasey Kinsella.

click here to download a copy of the press release

click here to download a copy of the press release for the day of performances

Opening Reception:
Saturday, November 10 at 7pm

Performance by Patrick Harkin: Saturday, November 10 at 8pm

Day of performances:
Saturday, December 15 1pm - 6pm

Kyle Bauer

Heather Theresa Clark

Zach Cooper

Rachel Guardiola

Patrick Harkin

Shaun Haugen

Jackie Huntington

Beth Kerr & Tim Kerr

Kasey Kinsella

Yujin Lee

Antonio McAfee

Michael Kranifeld Mavretic

Alex Mikev

Paolo Morales

Rives Wiley,

Ellen Xu