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How to Host Art Shows Online

Art is an arena that touches the lives and hearts of different audiences at different levels. While some people enjoy looking at art like paintings, others listen to music and enjoy a different art form. If you’re an exquisite art lover, it is impossible to be in multiple places at once, looking at art and listening to music

But on online platforms, this is easily possible.

Also, online art exhibitions help people attend their favorite shows without missing family gatherings or driving long distances just for an hour.

online art shows

Why online art shows?

The hit of the COVID-19 pandemic has moved the entire world online. However, even before the strike of the pandemic, there was a strong need for hosting virtual art exhibitions. While it poses some constraints, like the artists being unable to connect with their audience, it has a lot of positives. For example, you can attend an art show of your favorite artist in Barcelona while having breakfast in New York.

It also poses an opportunity to display your art to the entire world instead of a small group of people in your locality.

Organizing an online art show

Keeping aside all the chaos that follows hosting art shows online, it can be divided into three simple steps, all of which you can do by yourself!

Downloading previews and uploading paintings

You have your painting with you, and you’re all set to display them on your show online. So what’s the next important step? It is to take quality pictures of your artwork on your camera and upload them on different sites that help set up your online gallery. Some applications also offer the audience a stroll down your virtual gallery and check how your picture looks on their wall.

Promoting your art shows online.

Social media platforms are the best way to promote your art exhibitions. Promoting the event is essential in educating the world about your artwork when any event is held online. Imaging puts in the necessary hard work, which goes to drains for the lack of good reach! If you have a personal promoter, you can always ask them to run ads or post disclaimers on your social media wall to advertise the event. Creating a live recording of the event when it’s on is also a great way to extend your reach to a newer audience and potential clients.

Exhibiting, engaging, and buying

True art lovers are not just about the paintings. Instead, they fetch detailed information on the artist, the story behind the artwork, and how it relates closely to them. This means they are not just spectators of the artwork but wish to be a part of the conversation through your art. Hence, you need to engage with your audience as much as possible to help increase your sales.

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