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Ideas for How to Promote Your Local Art Show

So, you have created your art show; now, what is left is to make it a huge success. The most important step towards the successful marketing of your show is to recognize who your target audience is. Who is this art show for? Who is the ideal customer? Where can you find them? On a typical day, what dies this customer do? Recognizing these key factors will enable you to market efficiently to the people who might love and take an interest in your art show. It is also important to understand that different kinds of the audience respond to different promotional campaigns. As with any other venture, the success of your promotional campaign depends on whether you start early or not. The key is to keep people talking about the show and build up the buzz and anticipation well before the event.

Traditional Promotion:

We live in a day and age where online marketing is favoured more than traditional marketing. It doesn’t always mean that online promotions work better for local events. Create flyers and posters to hang around the local area. When you are anticipating the participation of local people, this is the best strategy to use as flyers and posters can be used to spread the word locally. You can also try advertising in your local newspapers, magazines or radio shows. You might also launch competitions prior to the event to create a buzz around the event.

Participate in Community Events:

Actively participating in other community events and shows locally is one of the key strategies to implement if you want to successfully promote your art event. During these events, you can meet local people, strike up a conversation with them and promote your upcoming event. You might also meet a few people who can help you with your marketing efforts. You can reach out to local schools, universities, charity organizations, or other public communities. Also, attend art exhibitions and local fairs. Connecting with your community is one of the significant ways you can promote and market your event locally.

Online Marketing:

Online marketing is one of the effective methods to promote your local art show. You can use social media sites like Facebook or Instagram to market your art show. Facebook ads are a great way to reach your target audience locally. Additionally, you can also create email marketing campaigns and newsletters if you have a large audience or network of people interested in your work. You can also use the community web pages for advertising your upcoming event. When it comes to online marketing, a large social media following helps. If you don’t have a considerable social media following, try to promote your work through other artists and their blog posts.

Online Marketing


When it comes to the success of your event promotion, collaboration can make a huge difference. Network with other artists you already know or have established weak ties with, and collaborate with them. You can also send out personal invitations to other established and popular artists to attend your event.

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