Selin Balci | Interact and Transform

Artist Statement

Selin Balci applies an acute scientific laboratory practice to create her current body of works on paper and board.  Balci researches simple microorganisms in the lab and records the manners in which they interact with one another, as well as the colors and aesthetics those interactions produce.  Balci then creates an artificial living environment with limited space and nourishment in a Petri dish.  Based on her research on colors and behavior, the organisms are selected and placed in the Petri dish. 

The simple living organisms are forced to compete and to dominate a particular area.  Eventually, the microorganisms live in harmony.  Balci then literally transfers the microorganisms to paper or clayboard where she makes the decision for the the organisms to interact more based on aesthetics.  Selin Balci’s works are beautiful records of the battles and construction of borders, as well as the treaties between entities.

To Balci, these qualities, situations and conflicts echo the full scope of the human condition.  In an artificially constructed living platform, Balci is the impresario and her performers are hostile, yet fragile microorganisms.