Joyce Y-J Lee | Passages

Artist Statement

In Passages, the second installment of the Travelogue series, Joyce Y-J Lee presents a collection of photographic digital prints and video projections that convey the theatrical nature of light which she documented during her recent travels to The Great Wall of China and the 2011 Venice Biennale.  While traveling, Lee often noticed distinct geometric light forms that illuminated flat surfaces.  Lee equates these light-filled patterns to evanescent portals to imaginary dimensions of space.  On her travels, Lee oftentimes contemplated the feeling of placeless-ness. Joyce Y-J Lee gained from this journey that light is a universal medium through which we see.  It informs our identity and sense of place. The theory of phenomenology underpins Lee’s intention behind her work and operates within the immersive environment she has created. 

Lee has given a beginning, middle and end to moments collected from disparate points around the world and through animate video projections and photography, she combines those moments into one single installation.