Annette Isham | Woman and Landscape

Artist Statement
Woman and Landscape is my physical and visual exploration of remote panoramas. In these video performances I traverse strange terrain wearing specialized walking apparatuses: stilts and 13-inch shoes. My work, previously emphasizing humorous dialogue and identity development, has shifted focus to obnoxiously beautiful environments and alien physical movements. I am interested in what happens when these contradictory elements co-exist.

This video collection was created from collaged cinematic footage of landscapes shot across the American West. Time-elapsed films were flipped, layered and embedded within stills to create environments that alter reality. The resulting spaces are fantastical and removed from civilization:  places where time and space can be completely experimental.

 The same experimentation was applied to my physical movements. Walking in stilts and tall shoes made everyday walking something animalistic and untried. Each step was complicated, threating and required extreme concentration.