Milana Braslavsky | No Other

Artist Statement
This series is a continuation of an exploration into still life photography. In these photographs, I have been using a limited selection of objects and fabrics. I have also chosen a very muted color palette, limiting the colors to whites, grays, blacks and beiges. In this way, the objects, their arrangement, the cloth they are draped in, and the light become the most important parts of the photograph, and the viewer is not distracted or swayed by other elements. The objects, various white ceramic containers, take on the responsibility of a figure. The cloth acts as clothing and a kind of shield from the environment.

While making these works, I was very influenced by the paintings of Giorgio Morandi, particularly his color scheme and the quiet investigation and contemplation over a small collection of carefully chosen objects. I was also influenced by the humorously anthropomorphized sculptures of Meret Oppenheim.

As in my other work, I consider the themes of vulnerability, loneliness, the need for protection, and mortality.