Sarah Knobel | Anything Sacred

Artist Statement
Both Icescapes and Cycles are about the duality of images.  There are multiple ways of interpreting each image and video as landscape, object or artifact.  These works are studies: a new way of identifying our relationship with ideas of the natural and the artificial, the beautiful and the repulsive.

Many of the materials used in Icescapes and Cycles are cheap and easily accessible.   A variety of textures and colors are produced by the use of cheaply made toys, party items, souvenirs, and decorative goods.  In all the works, organic materials are used and integrated throughout the plastic synthetic amalgams.

In the photographic series Icescapes, items are placed in molds that are then frozen. The striking features become more apparent as the ice structure begins to disintegrate.  Photographs are taken during various melting phases of the ice. 

The video series Cycles uses fabricated objects with similar surfaces to the Icescapes.  Instead of stills, these objects are shown in slow and repetitive motion.  The materials begin to be immersed within pools of dense colored fluid to the point that they can no longer be seen.  Once the objects are invisible, the videos loop back to their original phases.