Hamiltonian Artists

Know About Hamiltonian Artists

Hamilton is one of the most famous misc rap, which was created by the American composer Lin-Manuel Miranda. The series of musicals lasted for seven years, from 2008 to 2015, and talks about the story of the Founding Fathers of America – Alexander Hamilton.

Since the growth of the musical’s popularity, it has been played many times at local theaters, Broadway shows, and many other famous places.

If you wish to know about the different Hamiltonian Artists, read ahead to find out more!

Hamiltonian Artists

2022- 2024 Hamiltonian Artists

Here’s a list of all the featured artists from 2022-2024

Misha Ilin

He is an interdisciplinary artist who loves to explore the realm of the intricate connection between the world of theater and the real world. He is known for playing in different plays and musicals and believes in believing in the proper coordination and relationship with the audience when he’s on stage. Some of his recent exhibitions include the Washington Project of Arts, hospitality, MD Homee Gallery, DC, and others.

Madhya J Leghari

She’s a visual artist, educator, and writer with Indian and Washington origins. She believes that language is one of the finest tools, which made her interested in the field of visual art. Thus, her work revolves around the intermediate spaces of culture, cultural frictions, and other spaces of translation. She is one of the most-needed artists among the Hamiltonian artists who thrive on delivering her best on-screen and off-screen!

Edgar Reyes

He is one of the best multimedia artists in the musical. He invites the viewers to speculate based on places, music, their connections, and how they perceive depending on their life experiences. He also often relates to the experiences shared in his life through his art. He’s of Mexican origin and shifted to Washington, DC, recently. Reyes has also been featured in various installations like Xochitl, Baltimore’s Light City Festival, and many others. He’s also an avid educator who has educated students in different schools, organizations, universities, and non-profit organizations.

Abed Elmajid Shalabi

Abed Elmajid Shalabi

He’s a famous artist from Israel who is now working in Virginia. He has completed his BSc in fine arts and culture, which irked his interest in playing a part in music and theater. Aside from his other jobs, he has also won many awards in the fine arts field, which has led to his extreme popularity.

Cecilia KIM

Kim is a Soyth-Korean video artist who holds an MFA degree in photography and film industry. Working with the Hamilton musical gave her a drastic boost in her career, before which she had also won various awards and trophies for her acting performance. Some of her best works include The Immigrant Artist Biennale and many others.

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