"New Works at Hamiltonian Gallery" by Lynne Venart

U Street’s new Hamiltonian Gallery openedon October 11 to a bustling crowd of curious onlookers. Those who were there to see how the space had been transformed after its twenty years of vacancy were in for a treat right from the start, and greeted at the front door by Nao Matsumoto’s Whore, an oversized but functioning quarter-fed vibrator. The sculpture doesn’t much resemble your typical sex toy, but instead is a huge, anvil-shaped pink eraser perched atop a black metal box labeled “WHORE”, with a cutesy pink heart informing us it takes quarters only (it really does).

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DCistNancy Daly2008
"PHOTOS: Hamiltonian Gallery Grand Opening"

New works by Nao Matsumoto, Bryan Rojsuontikul and Ian MacLean Davis were on display for everyone’s visual (and other-sensory, especially when it came to those little vibrating fertility statues) enjoyment, Gavin Holland was in charge of musical acompaniement, director Jackie Ionita was the perfect hostess, the wine was flowing, the cheese was plentiful, and “everyone who is anyone” stepped out to check out the (quite amazing, really, new space)

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"Hamiltonian Gallery offers emerging artists prime placement" by Chris Klimek

The latest gallery to appear on the bustling U Street corridor is more than just another handsome room where artists can peddle their wares.

The 2,000-square-ft. Hamilton Gallery, half a block east of 14th Street, is a fully-green facility, for one thing. It’s also the showcase for Hamiltonian Artists, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping emerging artists find their footing in the commercial realm.  

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