Art Exhibitions

The Future of Art Exhibitions

Gone are the days when art exhibitions only meant people from the art world entering an art gallery and silently viewing artworks only from famous personalities. Art has drastically changed today, and we can find an artist in every home. Thanks to the online world and the growing need for social media platforms that help local artists gain traction in their business and sell their exquisite art pieces, both online and offline.

Virtual art exhibitions are also becoming a reality, especially after the hot of the pandemic in 2019 and 2020 when museums and art galleries shut their doors.

The decline in offline art galleries

Over the last decade, the art world changed significantly every year with decreasing number of visitors, which also threatened economic sustainability. One of the important factors which led to this decline is the increase in traction on social media platforms, which completely changed how people perceived art and culture.

Instagrammbale art is the new trend that has forced both famous and local artists to shift their business online and sell their art through online art exhibitions, fairs, and galleries. One can directly communicate with artists online and buy their artwork instead of traveling and visiting an art gallery to pick out the piece that interests them the most. New and developed technologies are also being implemented with virtual tours of the galleries, giving people a digital yet realistic experience of the space.

Art Exhibitions

The onset of virtual galleries and exhibitions

Many old names in the art world argue that virtual media does not justify the hard work put into the art from the artist’s end. However, this is a grey area to touch, and it sometimes depends on the mindset of both the artist and the buyer. The ultimate goal of every artist is not only to communicate with the audience on their artwork and note their perspective but also to sell as many pieces as possible.

According to a recent survey conducted on the audience and viewers of art galleries, most voted in favor of online or virtual art exhibitions instead of offline ones, which not only cost a ton of money to host but also need an extensive amount of manpower.

Virtual art galleries and viewing artwork on social media platforms allow art lovers to explore masterpieces from anywhere in the world and place an order with just a click. It also helps artists reach a larger audience sector. This recent technological shift can change how art is looked at completely. Also, since virtual art exhibitions allow people to engage in the comfort of their residence, it provides them with an intimate experience and allows them to share their experiences with friends and family, thus increasing the reach, one area at a time!

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